Season 4 Round 4: Monaco!

Round 4 will see our F1 and F2 boys race around the streets for the second week running. The long straights and high speeds of Baku are exchanged for the tight corners and maximum downforce of Monaco.

Season 3 saw two epic races around the sports most glamorous venue. A dramatic F1 race saw regular front runner SimsiDanger (Ferrari) crash out of the lead around half distance, leaving the Haas boys Fretty and Walstrabert to battle for the win. The late stages saw contact between the pair, with Walstrabert going on to take his only RLH win to date.

F2 a day later provided us with the first of many head to heads between eventual champion DaLuca (Sauber) and title runner-up Fretty (Ferrari). The Ferrari driver pulled of a mammoth opening stint on the hypersoft tyres to get one over his Sauber rival, with the gap never more than a couple of seconds throughout the final stint!

Plenty of drivers need a big result to boost their championship aspirations, while the close proximity of the barriers means there will no doubt be plenty of action, so be sure to tune in via the RLH Youtube channel!