RLH Race Roundup (F1 2018) - 08/06/2019

This week saw our drivers in F1, F2, F3 and F4 take on the famous test track of Catalunya. In F1, we saw SimsiDanger take only his second win of the season, with the Season 3 champion finishing 4.300 seconds ahead of the newly named LR-Spag, who moves up to third in the championship ahead of brumadinho23. Scudareerseb27 rounded out the podium, closing the gap to championship leader Dropje518 by three points, as the Force India driver finished in fourth behind him. In fifth was brumadinho23, but he will be hoping to move up to fourth ahead of Dropje who is under investigation for cutting the last chicane on the final lap after an attempted overtake from the Swiss driver. samuthepito, walstrabert, RaversRevenge (R), Opikonoem and Hairyblues round out the top 10.

In F2, it was one of the best races of this season, with plenty of thrills, spills and lots of skills! VERSTAPPENRB33 finally took his first victory of his RLH career, finishing ahead of Foxydude101 by a mere eight tenths of a second due to track extension penalties adding up to +6 seconds for Foxy. Victory for VERSTAPPEN means the gap to Foxydude101 at the top is down to 30 points, with 75 points available from the final three races. xlexand took his first podium in RLH with an epic drive from 12th on the grid. GoldieRGG took fourth position, with another strong finish for the McLaren driver. DaLuca96 finished in fifth place after a poor qualifying, starting way back in 14th. nicka2012, shxrt_77, Wesleyvanrens, Capitano_1777 and LordElephant9000 take the final points positions. 

F3 was a fairly calm, spread out race, (plus the stream isn't on YouTube so I haven't been able to rewatch it, so I'm purely going off the finishing positions). kallus95 took his third win of the F3 season, finishing 10.967 seconds ahead of championship leader blaackmamba17. Mamba's teammate, o0_DarkGamer_0o took third position, meaning the Sauber team extend there huge lead at the top of the constructors championship with this double podium. leprevic took fourth place, less than two seconds ahead of OswaldoRomeo in fifth. ManlikeDonkey51, SMJT189, lurch_day, Preet_Der_Pirat and bossmotz16 round out the top 10.

Finally, F4 saw the dominant victory of sem12_2004, with the Force India driver taking his second win of the season in only his third race, finishing over 40 seconds ahead of second place and championship contender BaboonJay. The Mercedes driver took his fourth podium of the season, but it wasn't enough to keep up with Sem, whose TT times were actually at F1/F2 pace.Third place went to leprevic, who beat championship leader Golden_Crimson to the final podium place, after Crimson racked up a staggering +12 seconds of time penalties. philmcconachie took fifth place, but was a lap behind Sem, showing his dominance of this track. xTimmytheTurtlex, Cenz1071, aapie-1979, kallus95 and toudainl finish in the points positions, although P8-P11 all DNF.

Race reports written by shxrt_77