What is Racing League Hub

Racing League Hub is a community based on clean, competitive racing within our leagues. We thrive for the best racing to bring our community the of best fun they can possibly get out of the game in question. 
We race on multiple racing titles to a competitive level and strive to improve together. Wether this be by tips, within a chat, jumping in a lobby together or just in a league race which contains clean side by side battles.
Our main values are to have clean, quick and fun racing.

What we want

We created this league to combat online lobbies being taken as crash-fests.  
So in Racing League Hub, we want clean racing throughout our leagues to ensure the best experience for our drivers. 
The better and fairer the battling, the more exposure the league will get as a whole, not only will this benefit the league it will benefit you. 
More drivers mean more chance of more fierce, clean competition!

What we can give

We can ensure to all drivers that we will give the best league experience possible. This is through us having experienced commentators in the booth, great social media coverage of upcoming action, an informative and easily navigated website and one of the friendliest groups of racers around!